My Journey

I studied naturopathy at the Southern School of Natural Therapies back in the early 2000’s. Naturopathy had taken me by surprise in the 90’s when I was working in a fast pace investment banking firm and suffering from chronic bad health.  A colleague suggested I see her naturopath, Gill Stannard, who was a well known and highly skilled traditional naturopath using herbs, diet and lifestyle changes to support her CBD based clientele.  From my very first session with Gill it was a total mindset reboot and metamorphous.  

Once I had recovered my health I went to live in the UK for a number of years.  In London herbs and nutrients are widely available to the general public and I started treating myself and discovered a love for the process of understanding the causes of ill health and the path to wellness.

Upon returning to Melbourne 20 years ago I started my studies and over a couple of decades deepened both my commitment to health and my understanding of what keeps us unwell.  Going through my own health transformation has given me a deep well of compassion. And a tool box full of ways to overcome self-reluctance, forgetfulness, yucky tastes, busy lives, overwhelm and general collapse.  You are always only one step away from your path to health. I don’t just say this, I know it because I live it.

Araleena Isse – Bachelor of Applied Science Naturopathy 2006