Food Allergies

The gut is a particularly sensitive area of our body.  We are much more aware of its function than other organs due to our daily consumption and digestion of food.  We develop our relationship with food from an early age and this relationship can be beneficial or it can be complicated.  We work closely with you to understand your body’s food needs and how best to prepare, eat and choose foods that support you and replace or modify foods that your body either finds difficult to digest or cause negative reactions.

In this process it is important to address any toxicity issues which my be compromising your digestive, immune system or liver function, and further adding to the affect of food issues. Both chemical and heavy metal compounds can be stored in glands and organs over a period of time. With lifestyle and diet changes along with herbal and supplemental support your liver, kidney and digestion can be supported to function more effectively at eliminating these toxic substances and reduce their influence on your body.

food allergy and sensitivityAdditionally enzyme deficiencies are critical as enzymes have a key responsibility in food digestion. When you have enzyme deficiencies, the foods that you consume may not be properly broken down.  This then knocks on to impact on your ability to absorb and metabolise food.  Partially undigested food particles can then cause reactions, bloating and other digestive issues.  Poor breakdown can also lead to lower nutrient absorption and in the long term fatigue.

We use functional pathology in cases where we need to clarify exact triggers of your food reactions.  We commonly use IgG, IgE and ALCAT blood testing which are able to identify foods, moulds, chemicals and additives which have an established a physical reaction in your body.  Combining functional pathology with traditional naturopathic screening methods means that we can create a highly effective treatment regime. We can focus on the foods that create the greatest disturbance for you. We then can work on healing your gut and immune systems to prevent further allergy and improve your whole body health.

Home and Garden Allergies

allergy and sensitivityReactions to flower, pollen and plants all the time or as the seasons change is a common issue for many people.  Working with the immune system and any histamine induced reactions enables us to assist your body to reduce over reaction to the environment and support you to enjoy all seasons.  This is also true for dust, materials and animals.

Plant, seed and environmental allergies respond well to herbs and nutrients which modulate immune response, reduce gut inflammation and improve liver function.  These are key areas where poor function can lead to intolerance, allergy and generalised reactivity issues.