bioresonance testing with Asyra technology

Asyra bioresonance testing measures your body’s energetic response to food substance signatures (gluten, dairy, nuts, seafood, spices, vegetables, additive agents) and environmental factor signatures (mould, bacteria, virus’s).  We also screen for sensitivity to phenolic compound signatures, which occur naturally in foods.  Its thought that reactions to phenolics are responsible for up to 80% of all food sensitivities. We can then create a personalised energetic remedy to assist your immune system to better understand foods and environmental triggers, and their relationship to you.

In this process it is important to address any toxic substances which my be compromising both your immune system and liver function, further adding to the affect of food sensitivities and allergies. Both chemical and heavy metal compounds can be stored in glands and organs over a period of time. With lifestyle and diet changes along with herbal and supplemental support your liver, kidney and digestion can be supported to more effectively eliminate these toxic substances and their influence on your body is then reduced.

food allergy and sensitivityAdditionally enzyme deficiencies are critical as they are responsible for food digestion. When you have enzyme deficiencies, the foods that you consume foods may not be properly broken down and metabolised. These partially undigested and metabolised food particles can then also cause sensitivity reactions.

Nutripath functional pathology is used in cases where we need clarify exact elements of your immune reaction.  Nutripath offers IgG, IgE and ALCAT blood testing which are able to identify foods, moulds, chemicals and additives which have an established a physical allergic reaction in your body.  Combining functional pathology and Asyra testing means that we can create a highly effective treatment regime. So we can focus on the foods that create the greatest disturbance for you. We then can work on healing your gut and immune systems to prevent further allergy and improve your whole body health.

Home and Garden

allergy and sensitivityWith the Asyra we can create an bio-energetic remedy which will assist your body to realise that the flowers and plants in your garden are not a threat. You may find that there is one or more plants in your garden or near your home or office which cause sneezing, itching, coughing or watering eyes. By collecting a sample of these plants (particularly their flowers and or seeds) we can create a unique remedy that may help your body to reduce its level of reactivity to these essentially harmful plants. Use a paper bag to bring a sample of plants, grasses and flowers with you to your appointment or arrange to post them.

Plant, seed and environmental allergies also respond well to herbs and nutrients which modulate immune response, reduce gut inflammation and improve liver function.  These are key areas where poor function can lead to intolerance, allergy and generalised reactivity issues.


pet allergyWe can create a personalised remedy that will assist your body to reduce over-reactive responses to your pets hair and dander. This is particularly beneficial if you love your pet however suffer from sneezing, itching, watering eyes, coughing or other symptoms when you are near them. It can also be useful to combine this with a naturopathic assessment to address other allergies and health imbalances which could be exacerbating your allergic reaction to your pet.