Disease manifests firstly at a vibrational level in the body, everything has an electrical frequency because all cells use electrical energy to function. The vibrational manifestation of disease occurs as a change in this electrical frequency. Whether this then leads to a physical manifestation where either temporary or permanent changes occur in the structure of organs, tissues or systems of the body depends on whether you are addressing vibrational disturbances. Using tools like the Asyra Bioresonance testing enables me to treat disease before major physical manifestations occur. 

A really good example is thyroid disfunction. Many people experience symptoms of thyroid disturbance whilst also having blood tests that come back as normal… Doctors will often simply tell you to come back if they get worse or in 5 years because whilst they know that there is something happening they can only take action once the disease state can been seen in blood results. The problem then is that this means the disease has firmly taken hold and is much more difficult to reverse. Treating this type of problem when the symptoms first appear can make a huge difference to your quality of life, energy, relationships, and joy. It also has the potential to turn around the disease process and prevent a physical manifestation.