Once i discovered ghee it was a love at first sight relationship and our family now consumes at least a litre a week… So i’ve started making it myself. Its incredibly easy and once you master the basic concepts it can be done whilst you are cooking other food thus saving time.

Making Your Own Ghee

What you need:

  • 1 saucepan (size relates to qty of butter you are using – butter should fill halfway)
  • knife and chopping board
  • 2-8 slabs of butter (250g each) ideally grass fed butter – which most butter in Australia is…
  • Jars for storing the Ghee – 4 slabs of butter creates 1 litres of ghee
  • Sieve lined with cheese cloth folded a few times – a very clean tea towel can serve if your stretched

How long it takes:
about 15-20 minutes

Step 1. Chop butter into large cubes

Step 2. Put all the cubes into the saucepan

making ghee step 1

Step 3. Melt butter over a high to medium heat until it begins to froth

making ghee step 3

Step 4. Once frothing starts turn heat to medium and occasionally stir with a wooden spoon making sure you scrape the bottom so that the casein and lactose that settles there doesn’t burn

making ghee step 4

Step 5. Keep the heat at a setting that has the butter bubbling strongly

making ghee

Step 6. You will notice the bubbles get bigger and clearer

making ghee step 5

Step 7. Then the bubbles will become very clear and then small again – this means its about to froth for a second time.  Important moment make sure your jars, sieve and cloth is ready.

making ghee  making ghee

Step 8. As soon as the second big frothing occurs stir well and take off the heat.  Start pouring through the sieve/cloth into the jars ** you need to lift the sieve off the jars otherwise it will run down the sides.

making ghee

Step 9. Leave to cool on a bench and once cooled its ready for lids, you don’t need to store ghee in the fridge as it is now a pure fat and not a diary food.  Its ready straight away to be used in your cooking, on toast, mixed through rice.  Deeply healing for the good bacteria of your gut and feed your brain with fatty acids this is literally a golden elixer for you whole body.

beautiful homemade ghee