Suddenly I’m getting older…

sun damaged skin

I’m about to turn 40 and I have really noticed how sun damaged my skin is, it’s been quite a shock.  So I scoured the world searching for a truly natural product that I could use for repairing sun damaged skin.  And you know what?  I was pretty amazed at how many products that claim to be natural actually are NOT natural. 

This photo is definitely not my most glorious moment.  However, it gives you a good idea of the damage.  I never really believed that natural treatment could work, but I was hoping that it would.  So that meant that I didn’t take proper “before” photos so we are stuck with this to create meaning.  Sorry!


What is so important about having a natural product?

When pharmaceutical companies design a product their main criteria is not how well with this work.  Their main criteria will be – how well will this work on a tempory basis to create a life long user relationship with the person who buys this product.  This is what creates products that create as much harm as they solve.  Pharmaceutical skin care products regularly contain chemicals which are toxic to the body as a whole, carcinogenic (cancer causing) and which create inflammation and skin damage.  Truly natural products may take longer to act but the improvements you see will be real and they shouldn’t stop the moment you stop using the product.

What I uncovered in my search for repairing sun damaged skin

Eventually, I knew I would uncover something.  And I did.  The first product I found was Perrin Naturals.  They are a little mum and dad business in America where they stumbled across a magical mix of antioxidant nutrients and ingredients that you can literally eat (tho it doesn’t taste good – I tried).  It was a matter of necessity being the creator of genius and when the dad had a massive growth on his ear the mum had the inspiration to mixed together a number of nutrients and extracts along with raw honey from their own hives and low and behold it worked.  In fact, it left his skin specialist and surgeon amazed.  Fifteen years on they make the basic recipe (Perrin’s Blend) into creams, salves, lip balms, face masks you name it. They are now repairing sun damaged skin worldwide.

How Perrin’s Blend treats moles and keratosis

Perrin Naturals Perrin’s BlendThe Perrin’s Blend is a thick salve that can be applied and covered with a band-aid and is used on small areas.  It has been used worldwide repairing sun damaged skin, moles and keratosis.  This one will stain white sheets (so put the red ones on!) BUT it works wonders by supplying your skin with the most intensive antioxidant ingredients possible.  Don’t be fooled by expensive marketing campaigns that talk about antioxidants.  Take a good look at the ingredients – the “natural antioxidants” need to be in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th ranking on the ingredient list.  Unless you see this, along with all other ingredients being easy to recognise rather than chemical names put down that expensive cream and come look at Perrin Naturals instead.

Perrin Creme Compete for repairing pigmentation and wrinkles

Perrin Naturals Creme CompleteThe Creme Complete is a cream version which is a beautiful rich cream that rubs into your skin easily.  It’s particularly good for repairing sun damaged skin in large areas like the back of hands, face, throat and neck. One client says that when he looks down at his hands they look 10 years younger and he hardly recognises them.  Yes, it really is that good.

It’s great for applying at night but can also be used during the day.  Some of the intensive antioxidant ingredients like alpha-lipoic acid  (somewhat similar to vitamin C) will make your skin sensitive to the sun whilst they do their repairs so make sure you use a really excellent sunscreen. One that forms a barrier with Zinc rather than using UV filters (unless stated any sunscreen over 15 SPF will use UV filters) The only exception to this is Moo Goo Zinc 40 SPF.  Also, Perrin Naturals make an antioxidant sunscreen, read about why SPF 15 is actually safer here.

How I use Perrin Naturals

I have a very fair complexion so if you have more olive skin your results will occur faster and easier than mine.  I used the Perrin’s Blend at night and the Creme Complete during the day.  What I noticed first was that my age spots (dark brown pigmentation areas) actually got darker.  And they became rough.  Many of my lighter freckles faded and my skin tone became more even.  This made my sun damaged areas stand out even more!  However I persevered and I noticed that the pigmentation areas were literally wiping off layer by layer.

Perrin Naturals SunscreenAt this point, it’s important to tell you about the Perrin Naturals Sunscreen.  I haven’t been a consistent wearer of sunscreen and what I saw was that my skin was starting to make new pigmentation (agh!).  So I started using the sunscreen every morning and reapplying 1-2x during the day if I was out in the sun.

I kept using Perrins Blend at night with Creme Complete and Sunscreen during the day for at least 4 months.  Then I switched to using just the Creme Complete every night and the Sunscreen in the morning and during the day.  My skin looks amazing.

Click here to come through to my shop and read more about the Perrin Naturals products…

Other products that I use

I have also experimented with using Oil of Wild Oregano (this particular brand is slightly diluted in olive oil).  You need to be extremely careful when applying this oil as being rough or not fully patch testing on your inner arm before using it can result in burning the skin.  I actually burnt a couple of patches on my skin and used aloe vera, rose hip oil and Perrins Creme Complete to heal the burns. However having said this, I have found it to be sensational at kicking the lingering final stages of pigmentation.  I will write a separate post on why and how and the key “what not to do” advice that I’ve learnt the hard way.

There are also conifer needle products that are extremely high in antioxidants very soon I will be able to share my amazing journey with a gel from the Russian pine forests – it feels like this gel has completed the circle to wipe all most all traces of excess pigmentation from my face.  Thank goodness!

repaired sun damaged skinFinally the somewhat finished product!

As you can notice there is considerable improvement in the pigmentation and texture of my skin.  I’m really happy and no longer feel like I’m drastically aged and blotched.

The great thing about all the products that I use is that improvement just continues.  I can also stop for a week or two and my skin looks just as good.  Best of all is that in the whole process I’ve used only 1 tube of Perrin’s Blend, and 2 tubs of Creme Complete – they are wonder products…

Next will be a post on how to avoid cracked leather looking hands with real live photos of my Dads’ hands.  Which are now looking 10+ years younger.  Ok better call him to make sure he’s up for it…