Lichens Sclerosis

Lichens sclerosis (also known as Lichens sclerosus) is an auto-immune disease that affects the mucus membranes of the genitals. There are a number of naturopathic interventions that are very effective at supporting mainstream treatments (steroid creams).

When I am treating this condition I view it from a whole body perspective because the entire immune system is involved. Therefore it is very important that any other auto-immune conditions are assessed and addressed at the same time, the most common co-condition being hyper or hypo thyroid function.

Lichens sclerosis natural approach

There is rarely one solution for all who experience these symptoms. However the three main areas that I commonly address for most people are:

  1. Diet – depending on your body you need to focus on autoimmune paleo or anti-inflammatory diets. These diets focus on the avoidance of sugar whilst increasing organic green leafy green vegetables and bright coloured vegetables, along with health protein, fats and high quality carbohydrates.
  2. Supporting a balanced immune function – This is often initially achieved with herbal medicine until your body has enough strength to maintain a balanced function.
  3. Finding the underlying causes – were you exposed to moulds, has a pathogen dis-regulated your immune system, do you have significant allergies that may or may not be obvious, have you had toxic exposures, and many more…
  4. Treating the symptoms so that you can break the inflammation loop and support the healing of tissue

Why have a naturopathic session?

Sometimes the answers are very simple, other times your personal health history maybe more complex. With complex cases or when you feel overwhelm and it’s hard to believe that it will change for the better it can be enlightening and inspiring to have a session with a practitioner.

Lichens sclerosis and Perrin’s Blend

I have found that Perrin Naturals Perrin’s Blend and Perrin Creme Complete are often beneficial because they are strong antioxidants and are therefore able to counter the inflammation that creates the pain and itching. However please pay very close attention to your symptoms because if you have a fungal or bacterial infection these creams wont be as effective and you may find that you need first to address the fungal issue first. The crème complete is the easiest and most mild of the two and is often the best place to start.