Perrin Naturals Creme Complete 60g

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An antioxidant rich formula for skin health

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Perrin Naturals Creme Complete

  • This formula may assist with the symptoms of sun-damaged skin, rosacea, age spots, lichen sclerosus (sclerosis), abnormal skin tissue, and will support overall skin health.
  • Creme Complete is a highly concentrated cream that will deeply moisturise and protect your skin.

This cream may support the repair of sun damage or damage from Lichen Sclerosis
If your skin condition is severe you may need to consider combining the creme complete (during the day) with Perrin’s Blend (at night).

100% Natural – How does it work so well?

  • Resveratrol and grape seed extract are powerful antioxidants that have been shown in studies to reduce the growth of abnormal skin cells, and encourage these abnormal cells to self-destruct.
  • Alpha lipoic acid reduces the oxidative stress that can contribute fine lines and wrinkles.
  • CoQ10 has been shown to support cellular energy function and give your skin cells more energy and therefore can have a positive impact on the aging process.
  • Perrins Creme Complete has an array of antioxidants to fight damage caused by our modern life: CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, N-acetyl cysteine, vitamin C and E, grape seed extract, resveratrol.


Organic aloe vera, grape seed oil, beeswax, vegetable glycerin, organic cocoa butter, natural vitamin E in soy oil, organic castor oil, vegetable derived emulsifying wax, almond oil, organic safflower oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, honey, lavender oil, lecithin, vitamin C, n-acetyl cysteine, resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid, sodium bicarbonate, grape seed extract, coQ10, biotin, vitamin A & D, lemon oil, frankincense oil, peppermint oil, germanium oil, cornstarch, cream of tartar, and rice flour.

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7 reviews for Perrin Naturals Creme Complete 60g

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Aine (verified owner)

    I have suffered excruciating pain and extreme itchiness with vaginal Lichen Schlerosis for the last 5 years and Perrins Naturals Creme Complete is the only thing which has restored the health of my skin and stopped the itchiness which was so bad that it would keep me awake at night and I would scratch until I was bleeding and in a lot of pain. I feel like Perrins Naturals Creme Complete has given me back my life! I have even resumed sexual relations with my husband which was impossible before now. I would highly recommend this cream to anyone suffering with LS, I will continue to purchase it from Earth Alchemi as I always want to have a jar in stock for future use. This cream is fantastic and really works at least it has done for me and I am absolutely delighted with it.

    • araleena

      Thank you Aine for being so honest and brave sharing with us. It’s wonderful that the Creme Complete has worked so well and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further assistance, Kind regards Araleena

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bill McCallum

    When i look down at my hands now i can hardly belive they are mine because the sundamage brown spots and keratosis rough spots have repaired so well. My hands look 10 years younger! My face is also back to a normal colour and isn’t bright red all over anymore. My skin doesn’t get as inflammed when i get a bit of sun. I use the sunscreen too and i really notice how hot and inflammed my skin gets if i forget to put it on.

    • araleena

      Thank you Bill – I too have had a real improvement in my hands. Keep going and the best of health. Kind regards Araleena

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Wendy (verified owner)

    I have been using the Perrins Complete on my face for the past month and I’m very happy with the results. I had a lot of dark spots (sun damage) and these have been significantly reduced. I will definitely be continuing with the Perrins Complete and have no hesitation in recommending it!

    • araleena

      Thank you Wendy, I too have found the Creme Complete fantastic for my dark spots on my face, I’m thrilled that it has worked so well. Kind regards Araleena

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Desmond Muir

    I recently purchased both the Perrin’s Blend and Creme Complete and have had amazing results from the use of these products.

    The use of Perrin’s Blend on skin lesions has seen them removed with 6 weeks and now cannot even see where they were.

    The Creme Complete was used on my forehead where I had a lot of dry white skin spots, the use of this product completely renewed the skin surface where these spots were. I recently had some melanoma’s removed and applied the Creme Complete once healing had occurred and find the cream was very good on the healing scars.

    I certainly recommend the use of these products for skin disorders , they do work.

    • araleena

      Thank you Desmond, its great to know that both the Perrins Blend and the Creme Complete worked on your sun damage, keep going and let us know if we can help you further. Kind regards Araleena

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rosa Giuliano (verified owner)

    Hi my name is Rosa and I have been diagnosed with lichen sclerosis, I hesitated to use the Creme immediately as I read that symptoms could get worse. I started using it today and already have found that I’m much more comfortable, I was using emu aid from the USA which kept my itching at bay but was not healing me. I’m also seeing a Chinese practitioner and having acupuncture but today has been the best I’ve felt. Thankyou for this product.

    • araleena

      Thank you for your review, Rosa. It’s great to hear what has worked and a good reminder that sometimes it take a mix of products and treatments to get the right results. Kind regards Araleena

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Johanna Goldsmith

    I have been using Perrin’s creams for a few years now and the Cream Complete is the one I use most it is a good way to keep my lichen sclerosis under control. I use the Perrin’s Blend as well and sometimes mix together so it’s easier to use thank you for supplying it to me I really appreciate being able to get it from Australia.

    • araleena

      Thank you, Johanna, for your review – I have often heard LS sufferers say that mixing them together is much easier to apply. Please let us know if you need any further help or advice. Kind regards, Araleena

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    I would like to share the fantastic results I have achieved in 8 weeks using both, Crème Complete (day) and Perrins Bland (night) with vaginal Lichen Sclerosis. I’ve been searching any advise & help possible over 10 months ,since been diagnosed with this condition. Starting with 4 Laser Treatments & 4 Platelet Rich Plasma treatments, combined with applying various balms, Emu Aid and the Neem seed oil. Also followed gluten free and low oxalate diet, as advised by my Naturopath. There was slight improvement but no definite healing. I am so grateful for above reviews which encouraged me to use Perrins products. My doctor (gynaecologist) was amazed with my improvement. There is combination of factors adding up to my final result, but I am quite sure the main one are Perrins creams.
    Started to apply the Crème Complete also on my face. It is best moisturiser I’ve ever came across. Big thank you to Araleena to have this product available in Australia.

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